Dioceses of New York and Charleston

Hosted by Holy Cross Church of Linthicum, MD, at the Antiochian Village Conference Center

Dioceses of New York and Charleston

Please choose a package plan for the number of days you will be attending. Packages include all standard meals and entrance to all activities, including speakers and competitions. Tickets for the Order of St. Ignatius Luncheon, the Antiochian Women Luncheon and/or the Saturday Evening Chef Cook-off must be added to any package. The selection you make on the first registration page determines the packages you have to choose from, so be sure to select every category you may want to register for. Teens MUST register for a package, and all teen packages include meals. One adult chaperone from each parish should register with the teen package. If you plan on attending only the Bible Bowl and/or Oratorical Festival, without attending any of the talks or eating any meals, you will just pay the Archdiocese Registration and Processing Fee. If you wish to participate in any other activities on those days, you must buy a ticket to that event or buy a package.

Some practical notes about the Antiochian Events System: before you can register you must select "Sign-In" or "Create an Account"

If you have used the Antiochian Events System for online registration in the past, then, in the upper right corner, select the blue "Sign In" button. Enter your email and password (if you forgot your password select "Forget Password link") and select "Log in"

If you had not previously used the Antiochian Events online registration system, in the upper right hand corner, select the blue "Create an Account" button. Fill out all the necessary information, and create your account. This set of credentials will be used for all future registrations through the Antiochian Events system.

Only Individual or Family Accounts can be used for Event Registration.

Once you have done either and are successfully logged in you may register for events, make a donation, or register to be a vendor.

If you have already registered for some portion of the PLC and desire to purchase additional events .... "Sign-In" then go to ,"My Account" page and select "Registration and Purchases" to purchase additional events.

Packages do not include lodging. You must reserve your rooms at the Antiochian Village.

You must reserve your rooms at the Antiochian Village Conference Center website: http://registration.antiochianvillage.org/PLCAV2020