Diocese of Miami and the Southeast

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last day that I can get the Earlybird Ticket Book?
The last day that you can get the Earlybird Ticket Book is the date displayed on the form. For instance, if the notice indicates that the ticket book is available prior to May 15, you can only get the early bird ticket book BEFORE that date. It will not be available the next day - which is the moment the clock turns to midnight on the evening of May 15.

I selected the organization - why do I not have a ticket for that organization's event?
The three columns (in grey) that list each of the four Archdiocese organizations is for demographics use only; selecting the organization does not generate the actual tickets to the event. To generate a ticket, the proper ticket selection must be also be made, e.g., to generate a ticket for an organization meal event, you would select the appropriate tab which is three columns to the right (in Ivory)). It is recommended that you review the description of what you purchased on the payment page to verify before you process the payment.

Why am I unable to purchase tickets to certain events?
Some events are exclusive for specific groups, which is dependent on the selections made under the Age Group tab, e.g., Clergy/Clergy Wives, and Teen/Children. In order to purchase an event you must select the appropriate "age group", e.g., for the Clergy/Clergy wives Breakfast, you must select the Clergy/Clergy wives "age group" under the Age Group tab.

Why are the Archdiocese Registration and Processing Fee entered automatically?
The Archdiocese Registration fee is entered automatically since this fee is mandatory at all conferences. During some Diocese Conferences and at the Archdiocese Convention there may be a a Processing Fee if the registration does not meet specific criteria as defined on the registration page.

I registered and would like to add events, can I do this?
Yes. To edit your registrations, you can click here to request a unique link to edit your registration. However, please note that since the system cannot refund automatically, modifications to subtract from your current event choices must be made directly through your conference administrator.

If I submit artwork or text for the Souvenir Journal where is it stored?
Once you submit artwork or text for the Souvenir Journal, a file or text will be stored in your personal Account information which the Conference/Convention staff will download directly from the system.